Survey Results Are In – July 2016

Over 900 surveys were delivered to Wonthella residents to complete and return.  Unfortunately only approximately 30 were returned and the results are in.

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Wonthella Progress Association Website

Developed 2014 -2016 

This website has been a labour of love, developed to record the rich history of Wonthella and the Wonthella Progress Association and made possible by a City of Greater Geraldton Community Grant. The WPA would love to record your story or your families story. Any photos of life, growing up, sport and business in Wonthella would be very much appreciated.  The “Contact Page” has our details, scroll down to the bottom of the page to upload photographs or images.

Survey – February 2016

During the week 15 – 21 February 2016 WPA members did a letterbox drop to Wonthella residents asking them to complete a survey and advising them of our new meeting place at the Midwest Irish Club.  A box was placed at Wonthella Supa IGA for a few weeks where residents could drop completed survey’s.  The input of Wonthella residents will help the WPA and our current Willcock Ward Councillors, Simon Keemink and Renee Ellis know what is important and help us prioritise the projects that we work on.  

If you would like to complete our survey then please download survey here, complete and return to: PO Box 5080, Wonthella WA 6530 or email 

Survey - Jan 2016
Before the seats were painted :(

Painting the Park Benches – April 2015

The bench seats at the Fourth Street Federation Park were looking a little sad and in desperate need of some loving kindness. The transformation was coordinated by Ann Hawke during the April School Holidays with the help of her grandchildren and friends together with paint donated by Bunnings. A big thank you to Ann, Mandy, Tessa, Abby, Jesse, Gian, Tom, Laird, Ava, Rani and Bunnings for making this project possible. The seats look amazing.

Next time you’re at the park, check out the hand made tiles at the back of the seats.

Hand made tiles at the back of one of the seats. Hand made tiles - a picture of the Wonthella Memorial Hall.
Everyone had heaps of fun painting.
Painting the Bench Seats - Collage 2  Painting the Bench Seats - Collage 1


A big thank you to BUNNINGS Geraldton who donated the paint for this project.

 Painted Bench Seats - Feb 2016 (3)

The finished masterpieces showcasing our young people’s artistic talents, transforming the old seats into works of art. 




Painted Bench Seats - Feb 2016 (2)

Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival Parade   –  October 2014

To celebrate our rich tomato growing heritage, the WPA decided to enter a float in the 2014 Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival Parade.  The float also took its inspiration from our logo which was created by Donna Heart.  A big thank you to Paul Van Herpen from Advance Lattice and Gates who assisted us with the use of his truck and GIBS who supplied the MDF panels at cost.   Fiona Allen (George Allen’s granddaughter) supplied the Ritesort labels that her grandfather, George Allen used to label his tomato boxes.  A big thank you to our wonderful residents who walked alongside the float wearing cardboard tomato sandwich boards.  You all looked awesome!

 Gina Jenkin Photography photo of WPA Float - Oct 2014 (2)

Photo Courtesy of Gina Jenkin Photography




Float Parade - 4 Oct 2014 (9)It can be quite exhausting being a tomato.  Tessa Maynard in front of George Allen’s historic Ritesort Tomato labels.

History Note

During the 1950’s, tomato growing made a vital contribution to the economic health of Geraldton. In one of his best years, George Allen produced 36,000 cases of tomatoes from his market garden at Wonthella.  Copy of labels courtesy of Fiona Allen (George Allen’s granddaughter).


Garry & Jenni Hargrave helping Paul Van Herpen put our float together.

Jenni & Garry Hargrave assisting Paul Van Herpen assemble our float.

Float 2014 (2)

Painted tomato plants ready for our float.

One of our young tomatoes, Ben Perham walks alongside our float.

Float Parade - 4 Oct 2014 (16)


Gina Jenkin Photography photo of WPA Float - Oct 2014 (3)

Tracey, a visitor from Perth joined in for some good old fashioned Geraldton fun.

Photo Courtesy of Gina Jenkin Photography


A big thank you to Paul Van Herpen from


who kindly donated his truck and time.

Advance Lattice & Gates

Gina Jenkin Photography photo of WPA Float - Oct 2014

Photo Courtesy of Gina Jenkin Photography

 History Note

 History Note

It was 1950 and the tomato was king of Geraldton, especially the ‘Smoothskin” locally developed by George Allen.  One of the highlights of Centenary Week in 1950 was a huge float parade.  George Allen loaded crates of ‘Big Reds’ onto one of his trucks and it was uniquely decorated with tomatoes strung together over the cab.  His children Barry and Rosalind Allen were seated atop of the tomato crates.  This picture, courtesy of the Allen family was taken as the truck rounded the corner outside the Geraldton Courthouse.  

Geraldton Regional Library Oral History Morning    “Early Wonthella”

15 October 2014

As part of our Heritage week the WPA collaborated with Jim Trevaskis, an invaluable voluntary contributor who plays an integral role in the Oral History programme delivered by the Geraldton Regional Library.  Jim had always desired to host an Oral History Morning on Early Wonthella using a panel of Wonthella Residents.  This was realised on Wednesday 15 October 2015  with approximately 130 people in attendance, one of the highest attendances at an Oral History Morning.

 Invite to the Oral History Morning

Oral History Morning Leaflet - 15 Oct 2014

Courtesy of the Geraldton Regional Library

There were so many people in attendance, the Library ran out of chairs.

Photo: Courtesy of the Geraldton Regional Library

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Geraldton Regional Library Transcript Image

Wonthella Bushland Reserve 

About 1999 – 2000 the members of the Wonthella Progress Association became interested in preserving part of the Geraldton Rifle Range block off the east end of Eighth Street.  The residual bushland on this block still contained some of the spring wildflowers they remembers from times past, wildflowers that had disappeared from the rest of the suburb with the spread of an extensive light industrial area.

 29 June 2014 (18)

Its a lovely spot in Spring for some afternoon tea and a chat

29 June 2014 (20)

These members included Stan and Joy Gratte, Patricia Powell, Zelda Henderson, Ann Hawke, John Schneider, Elma and Tom O’Malley and others.

The members harangued the City Council for several years with this idea, to no effect, then as a heightened interest in environment was occurring there was the appointment of environmental officer Andrew Outhwaite who encouraged the City to look again at the WPA proposal.

Council therefore gave the Association permission to enclose a patch of about five hectares, and the Association had to find the money to do this as well as provide and maintain the necessary fire-breaks.  Patricia Powell did the paperwork and a grant of $22,000 was received to fence the block.


Peter Mack taking members and friends on a guided tour through the Bushland Reserve

29 June 2014 (12)

As the area was infested with rabbits and they had to be controlled before the autumn rains brought up any green feed, fencing was done in mid-summer heart.  The contract was let to Glen Ward and his partner Samantha Ilari, and with volunteer help a top job was done.  The fence netting was buried to 300 mm, and all the strainer posts were concreted in.  Immediately the fence was completed “Pindone” was fed to the rabbits and this continued until the bunnies disappeared!

It is heartening to see how the native plans in the park responded, and made a remarkable comeback!

Peter Mack

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29 June 2014 (21)

WPA Members at the Wonthella Bushland Reserve

17 May 2014 (3)

GG Article on Bushland Reserve - Picture of Patricia, Stan & John - 8 March 2010Photo of Patricia Powell (former WPA Secretary), John Schneider and Stan Gratte (WPA life members and former President and Vice President)

An article and photo in the Geraldton Guardian, 8 March 2010



GG Article on Bushland Reserve - To go with Picture of Pat, Stan & John 8 March 2010