Historic Association Letters

1933 Aug 10 Letter WPA to Railway District Superintendent 1933 Aug 10     Letter WPA to Railway District Superintendent

I have been advised by my Association to make a request for a loop line to be put in at Wonthella.  I might state that the members of the above Ass. have declared their willingness to provide the labour under a supervisor provided by your Dept. for such work as is necessary. With the pulling of the Manganese Rly we are of the opinion that second hand rails could be provided thus alleviating the cost. A considerable amount of freight could be garenteed from Wonthella siding, and as most of that freight would be garden produce, the convenience of a loop would mean less carting which would no doubt mean a larger amount of produce landing in the markets in better condition.  We would be pleased if you would give this matter your sincerest consideration. Thank you i anticipation. I am yours truly, H J Cope, Hon. Secretary for Wonthella Progress Ass.

1933 Aug 19 Letter WPA to Town Clerk 1933 Aug 19     Letter WPA to Town Clerk

A meeting of my association was held on the night of the 18th ???.  And after receiving the report of the deputation which met your Works Committee, the following resolutions were carried with instructions to submit same to your Council. road now under negotiation

(1) That this association will guarantee to clear the required road now under negotiation.

(2) That this association will assist in scooping if needed.

(3) the route of such road to take the following course: from Urch St up Phelp St, along George Rd, and then along the newly surveyed Rd to the Municipal boundry.  It was also resolved to attach a list of names of those who would use the road.  It was pointed out also, that apart from those living around Wonthella many of the trades people would welcome the road and would be constant users.  Yours faithfully, H.J.Cope, Secretary

1933 Aug 29 Letter Municipality of Geraldton to WPA 1933 Aug 29     Letter Municipality of Geraldton to WPA

With further reference to the Deputation which recently waited upon the Works Committee of the Council, requesting the construction of a direct road to the Wonthella Siding.  The Works Committee, as you are aware, viewed the proposed road, and reported on same to the Council, and I now have to advise you that the Council regret that they are unable to assist you in the construction of this roadway.  The estimated cost is beyond the resources of the Council, nevertheless, we propose endeavouring to seek a grant from the Government for the purpose, and should we be successful we will be pleased to carry out the construction of the road.  Yours faithfully, ???, Town Clerk.